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Make your smile more beautiful with our esthetic dentistry treatment.

What is esthetic dentistry? It's a treatment for improving the appearance, the function and the health of the teeth.
If you are not satisfied with your dental appearance because of the following reasons, esthetic dentistry treatment will be suitable.

・Sliver crowns are visible when you smile.
・Your teeth are misaligned.
・Your front teeth are discolored.
・Too much of your gum is visible when you smile. (Gummy smile)
・You have dark gums.
・Dark lines appear at the gum lines of crowns.
・You want to close a gap between front teeth.
・Your gums are getting thinner.
(Tooth roots are exposed because of gum recession)

The latest technology of esthetic dentistry can improve all these problems.
Some dentists may think esthetic dentistry isn't quite necessary, but we think improving the appearance of the teeth is as important as general dentistry or preventive dentistry. Actually, many of our esthetic dentistry patients came to our clinic after being refused by other dentists, and they had satisfactory results from our treatment.

Our counseling is free of charge, so please feel free to consult us about anything regarding your dental problems. We firstly discuss your treatment plan including examination schedule, cost estimate, material choice and treatment period, and then start the treatment after you fully understand and agree with the plan.
If you worry about treatment cost, we can minimize your expense by using composite resin, which is covered by insurance.
It's our pleasure to help you regain your beautiful smile and confidence.

What's the difference between Esthetic Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry is simply to improve the appearance of your teeth, whereas esthetic dentistry is based on medical study. Esthetic dentistry aims to improve the function, the health and the balance of your teeth as well as their appearance.

Examples of esthetic dentistry treatments from our practice.
Below are some examples of esthetic dentistry from our practice. (Permissions from the patients have been obtained.)

Teeth whitening+All-ceramic crown+Direct bonding
Teeth whitening and gum forming treatment were carried out first. Then, first front teeth on both sides were restored with all-ceramic crown, and second front teeth on both sides were restored using direct bonding.

All ceramic crown + Porcelain veneer + Gum surgery
Upper left second tooth and upper right front tooth were restored with all-ceramic crowns, upper left front tooth was restored with porcelain veneer, and upper right second tooth was replaced with a dental implant. Gum above upper right third tooth was reshaped by gum surgery.

An Example of porcelain veneer restoration
Esthetic restoration of upper front teeth is one of the most popular treatments at our clinic.
A gap between two upper front teeth can be fixed by bonding porcelain veneers on the tooth surfaces without drilling much of your teeth. The whole treatment finishes with 3 to 4 visits.
Many patients worry if porcelain veneer may come off or break, but it depends on dentists' skills. If every process of the treatment is properly done, porcelain veneer can even last a lifetime.
Our first patient who had this treatment reshaped all his 6 upper front teeth 5 years ago, and he hasn't got any problems until now.

Porcelain veneer restoration for periodontal disease
This patient had slight gaps between his teeth because of periodontal disease. These gaps were fixed after porcelain veneers were bonded to the surface of front teeth.

Examples of treatment replacing old silver fillings with ceramic inlays and composite resins.

Once old silver fillings start to leak, bacteria can seep into the teeth and cause severe decay. It's recommended to replace old silver fillings with ceramic fillings, not only because they look more natural, but because they are safer to the human body.

An example of porcelain veneer restoration (6 upper front teeth)
You can alter color, shape and size of your front teeth by bonding porcelain veneers to the tooth surfaces. They can last for life without causing any discomfort if examination and treatment are done correctly.

An example of a dental implant and a composite resin restoration
Upper left front tooth is a dental implant. It looks no different from a natural tooth if treatment is done properly. Upper right front tooth and upper left second tooth were restored with composite resins without drilling the teeth.

An example of gum surgery
If you have gummy smile, you can fix it by having gum reshaping surgery. Once your gums are reshaped, they will not turn back if the surgery is done properly.

All-Ceramic Crown (GN-1 In-Ceram, ZIRCONIA)
We use the most advanced CAD-CSM system to read your denture mold precisely and make a perfect zorconia frame. Our dental technician carefully coats the zirconia frame with ceramic and makes a crown that perfectly fits your tooth.
All-ceramic crowns are metal-free, so they look as bright and translucent as your natural teeth. After they are placed, they look no different from other teeth.
Finally, we adjust your crown in detail until you're fully satisfied with it.

Porcelain Veneer Restoration
If you tried teeth whitening and couldn't get a desired effect, we recommend porcelain veneer restoration as an alternative solution. This treatment is also effective if you want to improve your teeth alignment or to close the gaps between your teeth.
Porcelain veneer restoration is a way to improve tooth color, shape and size by bonding thin shells of ceramic to the surface of teeth.
Before the treatment, we use a dental simulator to make 2 patterns of your dental models. So you can see how your teeth are going to be changed by our treatment.

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