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Professional Mechanical Teeth Cleaning (PMTC)

Professional teeth cleaning prevents your various oral problems such as cavities, gum disease and bad breath. Our professional teeth cleaning is an ideal solution if you have the following problems.

1. You feel like you have bad breath.
2. You don't want to have your teeth cleaned if it's painful.
3. Your gums are discolored.
4. Your gums are getting thinner.
5. You tend to have a lot of cavities.
6. You are worried about nicotine stains on your teeth.
7. You are not sure which preventive oral care products are suitable for you.
8. You are worried about how long professional teeth cleaning takes.
9. You want to whiten your teeth before your wedding ceremony.
10. You want to link your oral health to your overall health.

What is professional teeth cleaning?
It's teeth cleaning done by specialists. Daily routine of brushing your teeth is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it does not completely remove plaque and stains. The plaque is gradually built up between teeth and under gum line, and eventually causes gum disease and bad breath.
Besides, it has been reported that periodontitis bacteria may result in systemic illnesses such as cerebral infarction, cardiac infarction and diabetes.
At our clinic, skilled dental hygienists carefully remove plaque, tartar and stains on your teeth by using special devices and materials. By suppressing oral germ growth, you can improve the symptoms of gum disease and gum inflammation.

5 key elements that we value.
1. Steady process
・Use dental plaque identification test
-We use this test to identify areas where plaque has been formed
・Remove dental plaque and stains
・Polish teeth
・Polish tooth surfaces
・Provide PMTC or fluoride preventive treatments
2. Careful treatment
We protect your healthy teeth and gums by applying less intense cleaning on them.
3. Use of Magnifying glass
We use magnifying glasses to clean every corner of your teeth, to prevent your healthy teeth and gums from being damaged, and to reduce cleaning pains.
4. Home care coaching
We provide individual coaching on how to use a toothbrush, dental floss, and other preventive oral care products properly.
5. Comfortable cleaning
Since our professional teeth cleaning is almost painless, most of our patients fall asleep while they have their teeth cleaned.
Each of these 5 elements is indispensable. Recent preventive dentistry focuses not only on removing plaque and stains, but on enhancing comfort and after care as well.

What is PMTC?
PMTC is an abbreviated word for 'Professional Mechanical Teeth Cleaning', which means mechanical teeth cleaning done by specialists. In this method, skilled specialists remove plaque and tartar between teeth completely with special devices and materials. The specialists also provide fluoride preventive treatments to the areas where daily brushing can't clean well.

As for us, we use magnifying glasses to check every corner of your teeth, and to provide maximum caution to your teeth and gums.

Benefits of professional teeth cleaning
1.Prevents cavities and gum disease.
2.Removes teeth stains.
3.Suppresses plaque and stains formation.
4.Prevents bad breath.
5.Lowers blood sugar level and prevents diabetes.

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