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We start with thinking of your future and making the best dental treatment plan for you. We’ll do our very best to provide you with the best dental treatment and service.

Our philosophy of general dentistry

We aim to provide permanent solutions to your oral problems.

Traditionally, dental treatment was symptomatic treatment. Patients went to dentists only when they had toothache, and dental treatment was nothing more than filling their cavities and removing their pain.

Below is the average number of remaining healthy teeth.
Average number of remaining teeth27.8527.4326.1623.6319.912.447.41

Healthy adults have total of 28 teeth. As the chart above shows, however, the number of remaining teeth gradually decreases from late 30s, and drastically decreases from late 50s. Some reasons for this decrease with advancing age are as follows;

@ Traditionally, dental treatment was simply a symptomatic treatment.
A Preventive dentistry was not common in the past, so the majority of patients had never had preventive dental treatment.
B Treatments for protecting dental occlusion, such as dental implants, were not common. Denture was the most popular way to replace missing teeth, but it caused acceleration of tooth loss because of various denture problems.

Our treatment Plan:To keep your teeth healthy for life, we examine every aspect of your oral health condition such as cavities, dental occlusion and periodontal disease. Then we explain the result in detail to you, and make the best treatment plan with you.
Permanent treatments:We aim to provide permanent solutions to your dental problems. After our treatment is finished, we seal the treated part completely by using a magnifying glass, and prevent bacterial infections.
Preventive care and maintenance:After your treatment is finished, we’ll be happy to support your dental health by continuous preventive care and maintenance.

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A’LAISE GINZA Dental Clinic
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Tel: 03-6274-5333

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