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7F Ginza Tailor Building, 5-5-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-6274-5333

1st stage surgery of dental implant single tooth¥157,500〜¥262,500
2nd stage surgery of dental implant (Abutment)single tooth¥52,500〜¥84,000
Dental implant crownsingle tooth¥157,500〜¥210,000
One-day implantper unit Regular implant cost
※Dental implant cost differs depending on complexity, quality, and the number of implants. For more details, please consult us.
Fibercoresingle tooth¥21000
Hybrid ceramic (Grade direct composite resin)single tooth¥10,500〜¥21,000
Hybrid ceramic inlaysingle tooth¥42,000
Hybrid ceramic onlaysingle tooth¥63,000
Hybrid ceramic crownsingle tooth¥126,000
Ceramic inlaysingle tooth¥78,750
Ceramic onlaysingle tooth¥105,000
Ceramic crown (Metal bonded crown)single tooth¥157,500
All-ceramic crownsingle tooth ¥157,500〜¥210,000
※Price differs depending
on dental technicians.
Ceramic laminate veneersingle tooth¥105,000〜¥210,000
Gingivoplasty (Gum forming)single tooth¥21,000
OrthodontictreatmentInitial consultation Free
Complete examination/Diagnosis¥40,000
Orthodontic treatment for mixed dentition
(for children)
Orthodontictreatment for
permanent dentition
(for adult)
Outside braces ¥750,000
※If you prefer Damon System
Orthodontic mouthpiece¥1,050,000
Lingual braces(Half)¥900,000
Lingual braces(Full)¥1,050,000
AdjustmentOutside braces¥5,000/time
Lingual braces¥8,000/time

 Preventive dentistry
Oral risk control checkup(ORCD)1.5H¥42,000

Dental checkup1 time¥47,250
Anti-aging checkup1 time¥157,500

 Esthetic treatment
WhiteningOffice whitening2.0H¥47,250
Lip treatment

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A’LAISE GINZA Dental Clinic
7F Ginza Tailor Building, 5-5-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: 03-6274-5333

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